Bozeman Land Use

Bozeman Montana Real Estate - Bozeman Land Use Map
Future Bozeman Land Use Map 2020 Plan
From the Gallatin County /Bozeman Area PlanAgricultural /Slow Change Areas

Continuation of existing predominately agricultural and rural residential uses is anticipated for most of this area.

Low Intensity Conservation Development

Development of additional lowintensity residential, conservation subdivision, and neighborhood support commercial uses are anticipated in this area. Conservation development is generally defined as a form of planned residential development that concentrates buildings (or lots) on a part of the site (cluster area) to allow the remaining land (open space) to be used for recreation, common open space, or the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas.

Moderate Intensity Development

Development of additional medium density residential, conservation subdivisions, neighborhood commercial, office, and public uses. Development of additional appropriate high density residential, community commercial, office park, and public uses.

Riparian Corridor and Other Sensitive Areas

Limited additional development on a site specific basis. It is anticipated that identification of areas suitable and desirable for longtermopen space will facilitate transfer of development rights, acquisition of conservation easements and other techniques to secure such land.

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